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Triathlon Made Easy is a learning initiative started by me, Abhishek Avhad, an amateur athlete, a part-time coach, & a full-time geek to simplify the wonderful sport of Triathlon- Swimming, Cycling, and Running. 

I love teaching & I love triathlon, with Triathlon Made Easy I want to help you kickstart your own triathlon journey & guide you toward the finish line

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A beautiful sport combining three disciplines - swimming, cycling, & running into one single test of skill & endurance.

Race distances vary from Super sprint up to Ultraman


Opening & daunting leg.
But master it once & open up a whole new world of adventure!

Open-water swimming is fast becoming the new adventure sport


The Middle & longest leg.
Strong performance here will set you up for a good run & faster overall race time  

Other cycling events include BRMs, Road Races, Time-Trials, & Ultracycling. 


The final leg & could be the difference between a DNF & a strong finish.

Other Avenues to explore this sport are Marathons, Trail Runs, & hikes.

How do I start training?

Just like every other Journey, it begins with taking the first step!  

Check out the YouTube channel to know more! 

You can always start by yourself, but if you want to reach Point B from Point A in the fastest & best possible way, you may want to get help from a coach! 

A coach brings 3 things to the table 

1. Expertise 

2. Accountability
3. Objectivity 


I trained with Abhishek & he helped me finish my first triathlon, IRONMAN 70.3 France.

When I first reached out to him for help choosing the right road bike, he spent much time assisting me & asked the right questions that helped me figure out the right bike, & that's when I realized how knowledgeable he was and decided to train with him.

His approach is very thoughtful, scientific, and personalized to my needs. Before training with him, I didn't realize how poorly I had trained for marathons. He taught me the importance of HR-based training and structured our workouts accordingly, which made training enjoyable & without burnout.

He always motivated me during challenging workouts. Even when circumstances changed on race day due to weather, Abhishek quickly figured out the right race strategy - I owe him for finishing strong in the race. I highly recommend that anyone interested in an endurance race train with Abhishek.


ironman 70.3 fINISHER

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